Global Justice : Theory Practice Rhetoric

Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric (TPR) is a peer-reviewed, open-access e-journal which publishes original research in international political theory, with special emphasis on global justice. We are particularly interested in bridging the gap between political theory, empirical research, and the study of political practices and communication. Read more...

Current Volume

Volume 9, No 1: Gobal Justice and Non-Domination (2016)


Global Justice and Non-Domination PDF
Julian Culp, Miriam Ronzoni, Tamara Jugov, Laura Valentini


The Domination of States: Towards an Inclusive Republican Law of Peoples PDF
Dorothea Gaedeke
Should Republicans be Cosmopolitans? PDF
Frank Lovett
The Globalized Republican Ideal PDF
Philip Pettit
Imperialism, Globalization and Resistance PDF
Nicholas Vrousalis


Interrogating the Migration Industry PDF
Alex Sager
Corruption: History and Future in the Spotlight PDF
Martha Sanudo
Moore’s Political Theory of Territory PDF
Georgiana Turculet
Domination and Global Justice: Implications of a Social-Republican Account PDF
Yusuf Yuksekdag