Workshop: Global Justice In and Through Education

Contemporary political philosophers and philosophers of education tend to focus on theorizing the interconnections between the concepts of education and justice at the level of the nation-state. The workshop explores the implications of shifting this level of analysis from the national to the global level. It considers how to conceive of global educational justice and examines the role of education in fighting global injustices. In particular, it asks which human rights to education, if any, can be justified on the basis of conceptions of global justice and which agents are morally responsible for realizing such rights.


Provisional Program:

Thursday, November 29

18h00-19h30 Harry Brighouse (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Keynote Lecture

20h00 Dinner

Friday, November 30

09h30-10h50 Alejandra Boni (Universitat Politècnica de Valencia)
Discussant: TBD

11h00-12h20 Johannes Drerup (Universität Koblenz-Landau)
Discussant: TBD

12h20-13h30 Lunch

13h30-14h50 Juan Espíndola (Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas, Mexico City)
Discussant: TBD

15h00-16h10 Jennifer Morton (City College of New York)
Discussant: TBD

16h10-16h40 Coffee Break

16h40-18h00 Danielle Zwarthoed (Université catholique de Louvain)
Discussant: TBD

The workshop is organized by Julian Culp (AUP) on behalf of the Global Justice Network in cooperation with the AUP. Funding is provided by the German Research Foundation (DFG).